Post Graduate Education:

– 2014/2015:
University degree in Sport’s Osteopathy at the Sport Osteo Pro Institute.

– 2013:
Minimum levers structural techniques by New Zealander osteopath José Kunzler.

– 2012:
Osteopathy emergencies: Acute pain of the spine by Belgian osteopath Thierry Colot.

– 2012:
Internship with Pascal Roche, former osteopath at the French Stadium and PSG; sport osteopath at Qatar.

– 2011:
Osteopathic Support through Pregnancy and of the Infant, by Australian osteopath Averille Morgan.

osteopathe du sport

In Sports:

– Osteopath graduated from the “College Ostéopathique du Pays Basque”, school accredited by the Ministry of Health.

– Décembre 2014:
Member of the medical team for the Moroccan national American Football team in Egypt at the qualification game for the USA world cup.

– Été 2014:
Member of the medical team for the All Star France Women at the tournament against the American universities.

– 2011/2012:
Member of the medical team for the Sports Associations of Bayonne (ASB Rugby).